Monday, October 3, 2011

Mr Men themed Wedding Cake

I think the most fun part about making and designing cakes (aside from, obviously, the eating), is that every single cake is different - special, unique, and entirely specific to the person who orders it.

This cake was DEFINITELY no exception.

A good friend of mine - known as Miss Ammie - was lucky enough to marry a wonderful guy on the weekend - Mr Shane - and they ordered what has become my absolute favourite cake so far. I'll let the photos tell the (fairy)tale...


This is a cake with a story (as really, all good cakes should be)


This one is the story about how Mr Shane and Miss Ammie met, fell in love, and ended up cutting this very cake on their beautiful wedding day!


They're two pretty cool people, Mr Shane and Miss Ammie. Even their motorbikes can't be apart from each other!


Then one day, Mr Shane took Miss Ammie on a treasure hunt (geocaching)...


And surprised her with a BEAUTIFUL diamond!


And she of course said yes :)


They bought a house, and started a little family!


And now, will live happily ever after :)


To two very deserving people - CONGRATULATIONS! And thank you so much for letting me share in your special day xx


- B xx