Sunday, August 24, 2014

Batman Wedding Cake

Let's pretend it HASN'T been almost two years since I last posted, and just carry on with our conversation!

Almost 12 months ago I made a cake that went viral. Truly, utterly and COMPLETELY viral - the Batman wedding cake. Chances are if you're a regular on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or Pinterest you've seen it without even realising it's me!  So let me tell you about it.

I made this cake as a joke. I had the Wellington Wedding Show  coming up and needed some ideas for new designs. I've done lots of half and half cakes before - like this one:

Which was in fact one of my FIRST wedding cakes, and man was it big!! Almost 300 servings, with alternating layers of chocolate mud cake, and lemon passionfruit mud cake.

Or these two:

More variations on the same theme, and an awesome way to mix something traditional with something... not (especially skulls!)

But I wanted something NEW. My sister Trina (you can find her here) was due to get married in a couple of months, and her fiance is a HUGE Batman fan. So late at night, not at all long before the cake needed to be finished for the show, I decided to make a half and half Batman cake! 

I shared (naively and un-watermarked) a photo on my facebook page of the cake, inviting people to come visit our stand at the show. We had lots of comments, and all went back to normal.

The next day I appeared in the Dominion Post 

And within a couple of weeks, I had a friend in Australia tag me in a post of my cake that was being shared and liked and commented on thousands upon thousands of times!! What a rollercoaster! When I shared the cake a second time it had well over 1000 likes and almost 6000 shares, and then this:

Yep, Bruce Wayne himself, sharing my cake. Cause y'know, he's real....

And this!

And yes, that's my family and friends on there, defending my honour :)

Now almost one year on, I STILL have this cake shared on my timeline sometimes from people who don't realise it's me - I take it as a great compliment! Thank you to the THOUSANDS of people who shared it and loved it - and especially to whoever made it into a meme. You all made my year!

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