Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Polka Dot Peanut

Whoops, it's now OVER a month since I last updated - so much for my new years resolution!

Seriously though, it's been a crazy month - I spent two glorious weeks in the land of Melbourne, a week on the sandy sunny shores of Waiterere Beach, and then another two weeks job hunting, planning, enrolling in a Diploma of Photography, trying to suss out a business plan for Stiletto Studio, and just plain trying to get settled for 2011.

So here we are! With a brief update on the best (food related) parts of my month away from blogland, some cute cute photos of one of my favourite Christmas presents, and a teeny tiny taster of what's to come.

Before all that though - remember Kates 1st Birthday cake? Well I got the cutest little photo in my inbox the other day:


Isn't she adorable!! Looking a little stunned/overwhelmed to be honest, but then that IS a lot of food for a teeny tiny someone! Thanks so much to Belinda for the photo, and your continued support!

Now roll back a few weeks, and imagine your heart skipping a beat when you open a special Christmas box to discover THIS glorious view:


Yes. Chocolate and strawberry macarons from LINDT.

Oh. My. Word.

Amy, my heart is yours forever.

And I'm proud to say, THIS little beauty was actually DINNER! :


Healthiest dinner ever. Thanks Pancake Parlour!

Last but not least, a tower of love made by my very clever cousin Jess:


I'm not even generally a fan of gingerbread, but THIS one was delicious. Pretty sure I ate at least half that tree. Just taking one for the team.

And now, a very special Christmas present. This was a request that I made to my very clever sister Trina from Musical Butterfly.


APRON I said!

But not just any apron.

This one needs CUPCAKES - because really, don't all aprons need cupcakes?

And POLKA dots I said, because I have the perfect shoes to wear with it!


Ruffles and lace and pockets - Oh my!

Are you ready to see it yet?

In it's full-length glory?

Here we go...

Drum-roll please....


TA DA!!!!

Gorgeous, no? I'm sure she would want me to point out that she HAND STITCHED the cupcakes on. And yet still she sometimes wonders how I have the patience for detailing cakes? Who knows. We're obviously a patient pair.

Polka dotted goodness like this desires admiration, no? Let's admire from all angles


Pretty Pockets


Polka Dot booooows!


My red spatula. See, now I match!


I think this is the "should I decorate the cupcakes, or just EAT them....?" face


And see! the shoes :D


And my new recipe book from mum and dad - perfect!


Thank you Trina!!! I promise I won't get it dirty in the kitchen (eek!!!) xxxx

I had planned to now show a sneak peak photo of what's coming up on Saturday, a Breakfast at Tiffanys themed tea party for Trinas birthday! but then I realised - she'll be reading this! and what I was going to share is a SURPRISE! So alas, I shall leave you in suspense, and promise full disclosure after the party :) It does involve a lot of little blue boxes though....!

How was everyone elses Christmas/holidays/January? Can you believe creme eggs are already in stores!!!!

- B xx