Sunday, March 27, 2011

Too much caramel mud cake.

Excess caramel mud cake doesn't sound like it would be that bad (if at all), but it represents a complete melt-down in Becsville. Let me elaborate.


In a whirlwind month (and a bit) my life has kinda turned upside down. Or maybe I have? or maybe nothing's changed and I'm just unsettled... who really knows! Either way. In the last month-and-a-bit I have:

- Applied for at least a zillion jobs. And then at least 300 more
- Been offered 7 of them. All in the same week. Within 48 hours actually. Maybe even less...
- Had more than one contract in my hot little hands at one time and had to make big adult-like decisions (yuck)
- Baked 175 cupcakes to sell/auction/raffle for Christchurch after their earthquake (plus cookies, cakes, truffles, rice crispy thingys... you get where I'm going with this)
- Done a babyshower, 5th birthday cake, hens night cake, cupcakes and a prize cake
- Celebrated a 90th birthday, a wedding, Valentines Day, St Patricks Day, and an anniversary
- Mourned the death of my car Scarlet - prematurely, since a month later I'm still driving her
- Had (still have) tonsilitis that was maybe strep throat, maybe glandular fever, currently just annoying...


And then the crux of my eventful month-and-a-bit? In my special Becs kinda way I totally ignored the dates on an upcoming cake raffle, and went ahead and made a ridiculously decadent two tiered caramel mud cake.

Two weeks early.



Luckily I have a boyfriend who can help me out in crisis situations like these.


I don't know about you, but I get way more done when I'm BUSY. Not just kinda busy - ridiculously-strenuously-no-free-time kinda busy, multiple jobs busy. I'm hoping in the next few weeks things will get a teeny tiny bit more structure and routine, and I can start wishing I had free time again.


In case you hadn't noticed though, my blog has been suffering. Poor wee blog, used to have so many pretty photos and tasty goodies. I haven't even been reading OTHER blogs recently for inspiration! (SHOCK HORROR)


So enough is enough, back into the reading and following and being inspired, and definitely back to the kitchen (with a whisk. And a camera. And my taste buds). My plan is to try and make something new every week. A new dessert, new meal, new design for a cake... something. Something I can PHOTOGRAPH, since I love that too. Plus it's fun. And it means I can blog every week (she says hopefully) which is also part of my magical new plan.


So there's me. My fresh start, new beginning, happy ending, however you wish to look at it. And as you may have noticed, I found a really good use for one of the excess Caramel mud cakes! a good excuse to try my hand at buttercream icing roses as seen at I am Baker. Easier than they look!


To those of you out there who have patiently twiddled their thumbs (whilst going about your normal lives) in my blogging absence - thank you! I promise there are many more updates to come, including a Strawberry Shortcake cake which I THINK is my favourite yet!

- B xx