About me

 I am a self-taught painter, baker, and party planner, fitting all these hobbies around a variety of day jobs. I studied film theory, work as a Merchandiser for Lindt chocolates, am studying towards a Photography diploma, and spend my spare time making cakes, taking photos, painting, and discovering new things to bake.

Stiletto Studio is the product of a growing passion for everything themed and planned, and a new found talent for cakes, parties, and the kind of in-depth details that drive most people crazy - not to mention taking photos and learning the ways of a small business!
Contact me if you have any questions, comments,  requests, or would like to discuss a party idea - or if you have a party of your own to share!
Visit my websiteFacebookflickr, or email becslake@stilettostudio.co.nz - I would love to hear from you!
- B xx