Monday, June 7, 2010

It's just too clean...

I'm a project person. Always have been, suspect there's no way out of it.

This long weekend it was cleaning - I thought what the heck, why not finally unpack from my last trip (now 4 months ago), find everything its own special little spot in the miscellany of my room, and in doing so find some semblance of achievement in a weekend otherwise lost to the sniffles. It was successful - I'm also a finisher - but thenI found myself sitting at my immaculately tidy desk, surrounded by a clear expanse of carpet, and bored out of my brain.

What else is there to do but blog? Bake.

If you've not yet been there, is a must visit. My project-less itchy-feet led me to think that the creations on the site were going to be easy and ridiculously fun. Thus ensued an expensive trip to the supermarket buying lollipop sticks, candy melts, gel pens, and a motley crew of other bits and pieces I didn't really understand the use of. I was perhaps a little ambitious.

Having said that, I have ended up with a random assortment of deliciously fatty goodies in the fridge, that none of us can bring ourselves to eat.

My favourites:

How could you not be happy looking at these? They are in fact balls of cake and icing, covered in Chocolate. Look up yum in the dictionary - this is what you'll find.

These were an epic fail on my part. Unfortunately the chocolate was not into my total-cake-pop-immersion plan, but luckily the drizzling that began as an accident, ended up looking like it was planned.

And some roses, just for the heck of it. Turns out fondant is actually surprisingly easy to mold to your will

So there you go. Cake-pop experiment one is complete. Good practice for our Sex and the City 2 New York party next week I'd say. I see red fondant stilettos in my very near future.

Next conquest? Figuring out what to do with a bunch of the worlds smallest bananas.

- B xx

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