Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tim Burton Cupcakes

I'm finally getting around to looking at some of the Tim Burton party details a bit more closely. Mostly because I'm basically missing out on Halloween this year! So trying to make the Tim Burton goodies last longer :)

I'm a bit of a knob, having just noticed when I tried to find all the cupcake photos that I didn't actually take a photo of all the different kinds of cupcakes TOGETHER.... and yet I'm pretty sure I took literally thousands on the day. Always the way. Let's blame it on the huge distracting red wig I was wearing at the time.

Moving right along. I had lots and lots of different ideas for Tim Burton cupcakes, ESPECIALLY Alice in Wonderland ones which are all over blogland at the moment, but given that I was trying to incorporate as many TB movies as I could into the spread, it made sense to make a big varied range.


I had two trays of cupcakes on the table, and one tiered stand on the dessert table. I didn't really take many photos of the trays - epic fail, but you can see above the Charlie and the Chocolate factory one. I made teeny tiny little rainbow fondant lollypops on tooth picks that looked really cute on their own (top, middle, yellow) but didn't love how they looked on the cupcake. Lucky they tasted good!

And below the Beetlejuice cupcake (black and white with the bow tie) and Joker cupcake (yellow and purple with the green bow tie).


There was a range of normal sized cupcakes and teeny tiny mini ones - not gonna lie, I actually just ran out of patty pans :) Whooops! All in good fun. But actually having the range added quite well to the theme. See. Secretly I planned it that way *cough*


Actually now that I've let that slip, I don't even have patty pans ON all of them on the stand. What a slacker. Mismatching is all in vogue though right....!


Moving right along


The idea for the one above actually came from a photo I saw of the entrance way to the Tim Burton exhibit in Melbourne. Tim Burton always uses jagged swirly patterns, and this one was very his style. It was also one of the easiest to decorate! A pre cut circle of white fondant with black icing gel.


The five above were my favourites (hence they ended up on the top tier of the stand on the dessert table) ESPECIALLY the Tweedle Dum/Tweedle Dee cupcake on the right - another easy one on a pre-cut circle of fondant.

PLUS, a perfect match for a very important guest




I tried to steer clear of most of the Alice in Wonderland ideas I'd seen with top hats and cards since I already had such a lot of inspiration from that movie in other aspects of the table, so went with a simple hard candy in plain vanilla buttercream. Simple and cute!


Eek! look at Jack Skellington. He's my idol.


The roses were inspired by Big Fish and Sleepy Hollow. I tried to make them a darkish red and love the way they turned out. Although FYI - if you store these in an airtight container and forget about them, the rose practically MELTS into the icing! not a great look...


(Just quietly, this post is making me hungry)


The purdy blue ones were partially for my visiting big sis, partially because I wanted to play with my butterfly plungers, and partially for Corpse Bride. A lot of the Tim Burton inspired cakes I saw when I was planning were purpley blue butterfly Corpse Bride inspired, and this was my simpler version :)


One of my favourites that really just happened on the day were these Pumpkin King cupcakes that matched the Topsy Turvy cake. I had pumpkins left over after finishing the cake topper, and they turned out perfectly!


Favourite image from the day - Jack and Sally!! Both done on pre-cut fondant circles that I just placed on the buttercream on the day - HUGE time saver!!

So there they all are! There were others around on the tables that I possibly missed, but these were my favourite ones!

This last weekend I spent making teeny tiny pink and purple polka dot cupcakes to match a 1st birthday cake - how did I ever manage before fondant???

- B xx


  1. You are so creative!! I don't want to think about how long it took you to do all this though!

  2. LOVE these. The tweedle is my espeical favorite.