Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Polka Dot Peanut

Whoops, it's now OVER a month since I last updated - so much for my new years resolution!

Seriously though, it's been a crazy month - I spent two glorious weeks in the land of Melbourne, a week on the sandy sunny shores of Waiterere Beach, and then another two weeks job hunting, planning, enrolling in a Diploma of Photography, trying to suss out a business plan for Stiletto Studio, and just plain trying to get settled for 2011.

So here we are! With a brief update on the best (food related) parts of my month away from blogland, some cute cute photos of one of my favourite Christmas presents, and a teeny tiny taster of what's to come.

Before all that though - remember Kates 1st Birthday cake? Well I got the cutest little photo in my inbox the other day:


Isn't she adorable!! Looking a little stunned/overwhelmed to be honest, but then that IS a lot of food for a teeny tiny someone! Thanks so much to Belinda for the photo, and your continued support!

Now roll back a few weeks, and imagine your heart skipping a beat when you open a special Christmas box to discover THIS glorious view:


Yes. Chocolate and strawberry macarons from LINDT.

Oh. My. Word.

Amy, my heart is yours forever.

And I'm proud to say, THIS little beauty was actually DINNER! :


Healthiest dinner ever. Thanks Pancake Parlour!

Last but not least, a tower of love made by my very clever cousin Jess:


I'm not even generally a fan of gingerbread, but THIS one was delicious. Pretty sure I ate at least half that tree. Just taking one for the team.

And now, a very special Christmas present. This was a request that I made to my very clever sister Trina from Musical Butterfly.


APRON I said!

But not just any apron.

This one needs CUPCAKES - because really, don't all aprons need cupcakes?

And POLKA dots I said, because I have the perfect shoes to wear with it!


Ruffles and lace and pockets - Oh my!

Are you ready to see it yet?

In it's full-length glory?

Here we go...

Drum-roll please....


TA DA!!!!

Gorgeous, no? I'm sure she would want me to point out that she HAND STITCHED the cupcakes on. And yet still she sometimes wonders how I have the patience for detailing cakes? Who knows. We're obviously a patient pair.

Polka dotted goodness like this desires admiration, no? Let's admire from all angles


Pretty Pockets


Polka Dot booooows!


My red spatula. See, now I match!


I think this is the "should I decorate the cupcakes, or just EAT them....?" face


And see! the shoes :D


And my new recipe book from mum and dad - perfect!


Thank you Trina!!! I promise I won't get it dirty in the kitchen (eek!!!) xxxx

I had planned to now show a sneak peak photo of what's coming up on Saturday, a Breakfast at Tiffanys themed tea party for Trinas birthday! but then I realised - she'll be reading this! and what I was going to share is a SURPRISE! So alas, I shall leave you in suspense, and promise full disclosure after the party :) It does involve a lot of little blue boxes though....!

How was everyone elses Christmas/holidays/January? Can you believe creme eggs are already in stores!!!!

- B xx


  1. I'm not even sure if I can handle the apron & shoes combo, because it's so awesome. I'm jealous. Anyways, I've given you a Stylish Blog Award & put a link to your blog on my page :) Your Tim Burton party made me actually want to do an Alice in Wonderland party, so you deserve it.

  2. The apron is adorable and you wear it well!!

  3. Stylish indeed! Love those matching Apron and Shoes with Polka Dots! But I must say that the black dress worn underneath the Apron is a winner too!

  4. k-money - thank you! I'mf inally getting around to it now :D

    Kendall - Thanks chick! I love it :D

    Kay - It's actually my sisters dress! Apparently none of mine were deemed worthy, lol

  5. You're adorable. And your work, beautiful.