Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buttons, Tiffany's and Ninjas

I still haven't updated on the kiwi party from 2 weeks ago (mostly because I WAY overkilled on the photos, and still haven't had the time to wade through them) OR the donut-esque cake bites I made (and then re-replicated last night in bulk), but google reader is constantly presenting me with things I absolutely must share, on the spot. Plus, I have vouchers to spend at Westfield tonight, and whilst looking for inspiration on what I'm going to buy I found these gems which will definitely be on the list - Teacupcakes.

Easily the cutest thing I've ever seen. These are even BETTER than the stretchy reusable cupcake molds you can already buy, because a) they have a handle, and b) you have to wear long white gloves while using them - gold. More details on where to buy these here.

Anyway, back to google reader, my personal best friend. This particular dessert table instantly reminded me of my sister Trina (you can find her blog here - DO IT) who has a healthy obsession with all things Audrey Hepburn - a Breakfast at Tiffanys Dessert table.

CUTE!! Tiffany box cakes equal the epitome of everything a girl could possibly need in life.

Trina - if you're here for your birthday in January, I'll see what I can do :) You can find the rest of the photos from Maddycakes Muse here

Moving on, I found these photos quite randomly at Inspired by This, which I don't often visit, but couldn't resist when I saw the wedding theme - BUTTONS.

Cakes! covered in buttons! Bouquets with buttons, buttons on the tables, buttons on the table plans - and JARS of buttons. We had a jar of buttons at home somewhere that we used to use for games of Up and Down the River, but which I suspect Trina has since "borrowed" away into the depths of her knitting bag - if we still had them, we could plan a wedding!

The rest of the photos can be found here

And last but not least - in fact possibly the cutest - NINJA CUPCAKES.

And even better than Ninja Cupcakes (who knew) - These are FREE printables from Zakka Life!

Such a joyful little Ninja, really. Maybe because of the giant cupcake he's hiding behind that's roughly 10 times his size - I'd probably be happy too.

You can download and print these yourself from here


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  1. Can you make Ginger ninja versions of these??