Monday, August 9, 2010

Themed engagement photos

Weddings + movies = two of my most favourite things. Movies are truly my favourite way of viewing the world (and hopefully one day, my paycheck)and I could pore over photos of weddings for hours without getting bored (Which is somewhat ridiculous since I already have a pretty clear impression of what I would want at my own occasion, though it may no longer be the Beauty and the Beast themed event it would have been had I had the opportunity to get married at the age of 7... ANYWAY..)So to find a combination (ish) of the two is truly entertaining.

Engagement photo shoots seem to be a relatively new thing - at least on my limited radar - but google reader is constantly showing them to me at the moment, and I found a few that were absolutely priceless.

The one below is gorgeous - can you guess the movie?

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

EEK!! That's right, The Notebook. Gorgeous.

Plus also she wears the dress inspired by my favourite scene in the movie. I'm all about the red and white polka dots (see Because I Said So for a slightly more humorous outcome for a polka dot dress)

notebook movie inspired engagement photos

The rest of the photos can be found at Green Wedding Shoes here.

These ones are also from Green Wedding Shoes and a little bit different, but still very cute - the Hayley and Alex in Wonderland shoot! And let's be honest, any photo shoot that includes cupcakes and teacups is a winner.

teacups and cupcakes

You can find the rest of that shoot here.

And last but absolutely not least, an engagement shoot based on Up!

Oh my word.

Up the movie is gorgeous and adorable and sweet and lovely all on its OWN, but as an engagement shoot - EPIC CUTENESS

The balloons and the mini house and the nerdy glasses - EEK!! Cuteness personified. You can find the rest of the photos from this adorable shoot at The Wedding Chicks site here.


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  1. Loved this Becs, especially the "Up" themed shoot, gorgeous.. Perhaps you should get into Engagement/wedding photography? Nat