Monday, August 23, 2010

High heel cookies and chocolate bubbles

Have been far too busy reading a hundred other blogs that I keep discovering to update my own - plus, the murder mystery party coming up on Saturday is keeping me crazy busy. I spent hours last night trying to get tombstone cake pops and chocolate tuxedos... But more on that later, since some of those attending read this blog! And are yet to be surprised.

For today, just two gorgeous things I discovered in my travels. First, a gorgeous Wizard of Oz themed party by Linda at Bubble and Sweet. And bonus - she's down my neck of the woods in Brisbane!

Really really cute layout! And all whipped up in 2 weeks.

My favourites are the poppy field cake balls

And, obviously, because it's me, and I'm obsessed with shoes...

RUBY SLIPPER COOKIES!!! Yum :D Not sure I could bring myself to eat them though, they're so pretty...

Go and visit Bubble and Sweet for more photos, and Imprintables, Details, Details and Paper Scissors Rock Stationary to see where she got bottles, straws, and inspiration!

And then this little gem that has been featured all over the show since The Lone Baker put them up - Bubble wrap chocolate decorations!

They're crazy effective, and look relatively easy to make! Hopefully I have some bubble wrap at home to try them... Visit The Lone Baker here for step by step instructions.

- B xx

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