Monday, July 19, 2010

The most magical place on Earth!

One year ago today, I started working at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida - Quite possibly six of the best months of my life! With lots of fantastic new experiences, adventures and friends. To celebrate my anniversary in true Disney/Bakerella style, I decided to try the Mickey and Minnie Silhouette pops.

Lucky for me, I had this cute little bag of goodness just waiting in the cupboard for the absolute perfect time to come out.


This was a present from one of my gorgeous Disney friends Joan, so I could take a little bit of the magic home.


Add in some white chocolate buttons cut to fit, some paintstakingly delicate melted-chocolate-gluing


And these gorgeous little red heart candies I randomly found in spotlight (and which are actually just called red heart candies... so who knows what they actually are!)


And voila! Gorgeous, delicious, magical, Mickey and Minnie chocolate-chip-brownie pops

Not that I'm biased, but Minnie is definitely my favourite of the two, and reminds me of these two gorgeous special girls, and one of my first adventures in the Magic Kingdom! <3


Important note for the road - these brownies are FANTASTIC, and full of surprise chocolate bits. That's brownie, chocolate bits, white chocolate ears, red candy hearts, dark chocolate... I don't see these lasting in my house very long!




  1. Oh my gosh this post actually made me drool!

    I work at a coffee shop with a guy from England who worked at Disney World and met his now wife there! He loved it! Sounds like a great job!

  2. Hehe. We only ate the last ones over the weekend, and now I feel like I need to make more...

    Disney was great fun! Totally unlike anywhere else in the world!