Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Website, website, website.

So I have a website, here on webs.com. It's been around for a little while, showcases some of my painting and art dilly dallying. I chose webs because it's free, and because it does all the work for me :) but now, some of my photos are missing because I need to upgrade! so my question for today is: Is it better to upgrade a site like webs.com for $99 a year, or purchase a domain name outright? Who knows! Where is the magical IT fairy to explain these things to me? If only there was a Bakerella version for website FAQs.Perhaps web-questions-cupcakes? I think there's a real unexplored niche market there.

On another note, my sister Trina has a blog you should go and read
here (and you can hit her up about why she doesn't update much!!). Hers is on wordpress, so there's a new debate - blogspot or wordpress? I decided to google, and interestingly enough a lot of people have asked that very same question! Best comparison I found was here (not that most of the pros and cons mean much to me!)

Now onto food, which is what we were obviously all waiting for :) These are a chocolate chip, cookie dough, brownies, triple chocolate.... everything you could hope for in a snack! I used triple chocolate (milk, dark and white chocolate chips, Oh my WORD!) brownies, and chocolate chip cookie mix, then plonked alternating dollop-fulls into a baking tray and voila! one of the most chocolatey magical brownies in the world.

You can stack them


Make a brownie tower

It pays to get a little bit closer..

But let me warn you:


Once you get this close, they'll all be gone!

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