Monday, September 13, 2010

Burlesque Cake and Bake!

Surprisingly enough, I did actually manage to survive last week - JUST.

I had a minor breakdown on Friday after a far too huge and stressful week, vowing to never touch a cake again after some careless meddling broke 3 different fondant decorations, two collapsed cake tests, and some extreme worrying about a dress that may or may not still fit.

But a cup of tea, a cry, and a minor tantrum later, and I was back in the kitchen and ready to roll.

Tossing up my time between two cakes - the first was a Harry Potter cake for a 7th birthday (blog post to come, but you can sneak preview the photos on my website here) and the second was for Miss la Belle's Burlesque Cake and Bake!

Drum roll please:

The cake I'm pretty sure I was born to make.

If you know me at all, you'll know that my favourite things in life don't fall far from high heel shoes, red and black, and chocolate - so this event was pretty much made for me.

Now can you see why it was important that the dress still fit? (Though to be honest, I didn't breathe a whole lot during the night - corset boning = OUCH)

Since we had to come up with a name, my cake was called "Moulin Rouge" - another one of my favourite things

This was an INCREDIBLY decadent and heavy mud cake, with vanilla buttercream icing and pettinice fondant.

Hat and shoe were modeled on the versions I wore on the night - made entirely from fondant, and the shoe is held in place with toothpicks (FYI I didn't even try the netting, oops! That looked like a little too much detail for someone having a clumsy day)

All the tears and icing sugar behind me, it was a fabulous night! My good friend Natalia (you can visit her blog here - she made a DELICIOUS rich chocolate and raspberry vegan cake called Vegalicious!) won Audience favourite - very much deserved.

These are the seven gorgeous creations - one of them was a ridiculously good Chocolate Banana cake from Joy of Baking

And "Moulin Rouge" and I won the prize for best cake/dress match!

Which means free tickets to the Wellington heats of Miss Burlesque 2011, AND my very own bespoke Millinery from Amy Jansen-Leen! Perfect timing since I just (finally) picked my dress for the Melbourne cup in November. Go and have a look at some of her previous creations here - they're gorgeous!!

Thanks to Steph (as usual) for inspiration, and a huge amount of time wasted/procrastinating whilst discussing fondant colours and cake recipes - you shall be my date for Miss Burlesque next year!

- B xx


  1. Awww your photos are gorgeous, you really were perfectly matched with your cake, excellent job Becs!Oh and Steph's creation actually blends in with her outfit!! She would've taken 2nd prize I bet, it was a fun night thanks for letting me know about it xxxx

  2. Hi Becs
    It turned out wonderful! Don't worry your not the first nor will you be the last to cry over cake. I think it's because we get so involved and want it to be perfect. I too have cried many times, but as long as you jump right in again it's all good. It sounds like you had a really good time. Again great job!

  3. wow! your cake matched so perfectly! I can never seem to get my red that red. anyway, love your blog!

  4. Lol, oh dear, I have to admit - my lovely red fondant came out of a packet already coloured that colour :) I did try dying my fondant red first, and my hands ended up more red than my lovely pink-coloured fondant :P Thanks for the comment Kelly! xx

  5. Love your blog! The Harry Potter cake is amazing, my friend & I are obsessed...if only I could custom order one and have you ship it halfway across the world :(
    You've made me want to go bake now...