Sunday, September 26, 2010

Glee bites, Butterflies and Tea Parties

For those of you who love Glee (and are in New Zealand!!) I strongly recommend you go and see the Gleevent!! I love the TV show - albeit mostly for the soundtrack - and when we saw the preview night of the stage show last week, it was fantastic. Visit the website for details, and/or my good friend Steph's blog for a more detailed review here.

For me though this was of course another excuse to bake, especially since I still had some left over mud cake (Yes, my household has really gotten to the point where there is EXCESS cake)


Chocolate mud-truffles dipped in milk chocolate with yellow fondant and red edible gel pen


Yum. Although not sure if I'm a fan of this edible writing gel business - the letters took forever to dry, and even then stayed sticky... questionable. Luckily we were more focussed on the chocolatey muddy goodness underneath.


From this same batch of chocolate-mud truffles, I made these cuties to send to my sister in the far off land of Hamilton


Also my first play with plunger cutters - which sound far more terrifying than they actually ARE - and more playing around with marbling fondant


FYI - when marbling fondant, WEAR GLOVES. Even if you feel a bit spastic - I'm still trying to get the purple colouring off my fingers. I look diseased.


So that's my week in pictures. Had a huge big shopping spree yesterday for the Tim Burton party which is now next Sunday (eek) and found lots of fun stuff. Was trying to represent all his movies, but a) I don't LIKE them all - I know, who would've thought - and b) there are too many. Put aside the fact that I'm now living in a room surrounded by severed fingers, tea cups, grass mats, tea pots and fake spiders, and I think it will be a success.

I couldn't wait any longer to open everything up when I got home, soooo.... HERE'S A SNEAK PEAK!!


Tonnes to do this week to prep for it, fingers crossed I don't have a fondant break down this time!! especially since a topsy turvy cake will be involved....

- B xx


  1. ohh, love it!! Glee is awesome and your decorating is A+ :)

  2. Cool! The one with the butterfly is very cute! looks delicious too! :D


  3. Ummm those look amazing and now I want to go to Fannie Mae just to get some Truffles. And Glee is kinda awesome too :)


  4. thanks for stopping by my blog!! your cakes look amazing, can you send me some please. I wish I had the patience to make them. xxx

  5. Oh wow, those mud truffles look devine! Since I'm not a watcher of Glee I gravitated towards your gorgeous purple butterflies.

  6. Emy - thanks!
    Mia - it was delicious :D thanks
    AFon - Hehe, you could just make truffles, they're pretty easy!
    Beks - you're welcome. Not sure how they'd go in the mail, but worth a shot!!
    Claire - Hehe, that's fair enough. I'm not always a watcher of Glee myself, WHOOPS! but I like a good singalong

    - B xx

  7. They're too pretty to be eaten up!!! :(( hehehe but nice one! :D