Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tim Burton, Topsy Turvy Cakes, Tea parties, Jellyfish


Well this weekend was supposed to be the perfect weekend for staying inside and being lazy - we got out the torches and candles in preparation for power outages, brought extra wine and cheese and snacks to make sure we didn't starve (the necessities) and made the most of the DVD sale at work to ensure we weren't bored (like I needed an excuse) - and then I'm pretty sure the storm just forgot to hit us. In fact beyond that, it's been overall a fairly gorgeous weekend! How does Sunday come so quickly?

Bach adventure

Faced with a gorgeous sunny day - and feeling slightly slobby and lazy about wanting to stay home
DESPITE said gorgeous sunny day - Mum and I took a drive up the coast to visit our bach and make sure it wasn't washed away (since apparently other areas of NZ WERE hit by said devastating storm, whoops, our bad :)).

Was divine - if blustery - up there, and the beach was covered in newly carved rivers, rubble and trees, lots of blue-bottle jellyfish (Ick - they really do look like plastic bottles) and a tennis ball. Obviously.


Got the above gorgeous panorama through sheer cleverness (which let's be honest, was actually a complete fluke, unfortunately) but it doesn't show the mess on the beach particularly well. Oh well, we know it was there. In fact I'm pretty sure I fell over it at least once (which would explain how I got sand in my camera. Sigh. Technology and I are not a happy pair).

Bach adventure1

So that was the end of my extremely relaxing and unexpected weekend. Started with Letters to Juliet and a glass of wine (both of which I would recommend, equally) an impromptu tea party (photos to come, but in the meantime you should know - mini pikelets with jam and cream = delicious AND cute) a night of watching Tim Burton movies to get inspired for the upcoming Tim Burton Tea Party (let's be honest, we only stayed awake for 3 movies - we're getting old and decrepit, Steph and I) and then a day at the beach. Luuuuuuuuuurvely.

Now I have Tim Burton on the brain. Though I can think of much worse things.

Happy Sunday!

- B xx

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