Monday, September 20, 2010

Impromptu Tea Party practice

In case you haven't caught up from my previous ramblings, Miss S and I are having a Tim Burton Tea Party - we had so much fun planning the Murder Mystery night (some details are here but alas I am slack, and have not yet done a full post with all the details - promise promise promise it's coming!) and couldn't wait any longer :)

It's a Tea Party partially inspired by all the Alice in Wonderland tea parties popping up all over the place since the movie came out, but since Alice was by no stretch of the imagination my favourite Tim Burton movie, I decided to make it a blanket Tim Burton theme - makes for a far more interesting range of costumes :)

FYI I'm still a die hard fan of the 1950 Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, or the slightly creepier but still gold MUSICAL version from 1985 - if you haven't seen it/them you should. (Warning - the 1985 movie is seriously questionable, Martha Raye as the Duchess = CREEPY, and talking/singing chess pieces haunt me to this day... Ringo Starr as the Mock Turtle is somewhat hilarious though, do it)

Eek, look at them -

Shivers. Serious creepage.

Anyway, due to said planning I have been doing the mandatory op-shopping for tea cups and saucers and tea pots and other bits and pieces, and since they were all sitting out in our conservatory looking bored - my mum and I decided to have an impromptu practice tea party on Saturday afternoon.


We even got out the real silver spoon set - just because why the heck not. Although to be honest, we didn't actually USE them... they were a slightly questionable shade of old.


But I DID get to use the silicon teacupcakes I found all the way back here - they worked, but were slightly hilarious/flawed when we tried to pick them up by the handles, since they're ALSO silicon and don't really work as handles at all... they are for cupcakes, not tea... but still! I made my Nanas recipe for light buttercakes (which only sporadically works out succesfully - luckily this was one of those times!) with lemon curd in the middle and buttercream icing - Tea with lemon! Yes, I'm really that tragic.

They were just as cute as Lemon Meringue cupcakes too


We had homemade sausage rolls, mini wafers, toffee pops & squiggles (They're new, and DELICIOUS. Don't really taste a thing like their original normal size ancestors... but they're miniature, so it's ok) Chocolate teddy bears (thank you, Australia, just another one of the delicious original foods you've blessed me with) and mini pikelets with jam and cream - noticing a *cough*mini*cough* trend here?


Not to mention tea. Obviously. Lots of tea. But not out of those pretty little teacups I used for the photos, since they hold a pathetic amount of said tea.


But they were $4 for the whole set after all. Thank you Sallies Upper Hutt.

And thank you Wellington for the BEAUTIFUL view you provided for our tea party!


Sometimes I forget to look out at our beautiful view. Thank God it's spring and I won't have that excuse much longer! Especially since I need to get away from all these cupcakes and out into the sun...

2 weeks till my flea arrives!! (My big sister loves being called that, really) She'll make a stunning Mrs Lovett

B xxx


  1. HOW FUN! I wanna have a tea party like this! love the decor!:) fabulous!

    joining from 20sb! enjoy the week

  2. AMAZING! Why don't I know any cool people in real life that do this kind of stuff?

  3. Vic - Thanks! The blue wall and table cloth just happened to already be there, I got lucky :) Freckles and Fudge = cutest blog name ever!!!

    k-Money - where even ARE you?!?

    - B xxx

  4. Before I forget to tell you, I have a little teapot with matching cup here that I will bring down for the tea party :) Andrew wants to make people pies to contribute... any ideas on how we can do that?
    PS - Sadly i'm getting used to you calling me Flea :P Just a shame I don't have an equally annoying nickname to call you! (Boiker-bicker-bops??)xox

  5. Oooh good :D:D Bring as many teapots and cups and saucers as you can!!! Since you're driving :D

    People pies... I assume you don't mean people SHAPED pies... You could make little pies with a little finger sticking out, or just strawberry/cherry pie so the red runs out... We shall discuss, Flea xxx

  6. Hi Becs, I am so jealous of your view. I would love to be able to see that on a daily basis. No wonder your so creative. Have fun planning your party.

  7. ~~love tea party~~

    -xo lina

  8. Apparently I'm in a place where nobody has cool tea parties like this. I'm definitely planning one sometime in the future!!!

  9. Imagination cakes: Hehe, thanks! We don't always notice the view anymore to be honest, but we've had some beautiful beautiful weather down here (and some awful weather thrown in) in the last few weeks!

    Anomalina - Thanks chick!

    K-Money - Perhaps you should just plan them yourself!

    ABUbu - Thank you!

    - B xx

  10. Am I invited? Haha that party sounds amazing. All of that food looks delicious, and it looks even better with all of the cupcake teacups and other dishware. If you post those recipes, I wouldn't mind one bit (or at least links to where the recipes may have came from)! Great job.

  11. Elise - of course! Although your profile tells me you're in California...? (Would quite happily bring the party to California, yes please!!!)
    Ok awkward confession time - I'm not REALLY a recipe person... I use them as more of a guideline and then just add whatever I feel like adding... But I can certainly put up the recipes I DO know!!


  12. Becs: I think I admire using recipes more of a guideline more than seeing a recipe as something set in stone. Adding something and tweaking recipes (and of course, creating your own) is an art form in itself, and a wonderful creative thing to do. It's even better when people love your cooking! I'd love to know what the recipes are, if you care to share. Thanks!

    Oh, and thanks for the follow on my blog!