Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chocolate shoes and fondant top hats

I have about a million new photos of new projects and delicious foods waiting to be uploaded and described and shared, including the details of the Murder Mystery party (which you can see over here at Catch my Party), my very first (and successful and delicious!) tiered cake (which you can see on my facebook page here) and the plans in the making for an upcoming Tim Burton Tea party (which is so secret that it doesn't appear ANYWHERE else on the net yet)....
BUT, I'm currently - and thankfully - typing on the brand new keys of a brand new laptop. So new in fact that the keys still click, and bonus - it has a delete key, AND a functioning t, d, 5 and 8! Plus it closes without needing to be hit - all features my old laptop was sadly lacking in its old age, may it rest in peace.

All these brand-spanking new features however also mean that my photos are over there >>>>>> on the old laptop sitting beside me, where I can't currently access them :) So the photos shall have to wait. But in the meantime life happens and while I may not necessarily be in the mood for it just at the moment, I have entered a competition for Saturday night that will be lots of fun - Miss la Belle's Burlesque Cake and Bake! Cake + heels + polka dots + corsets + feathers + lace = one epically fun night! Especially since one of the prizes is for the cake that best matches the cake makers outfit!

While I can't give away too much (In case the lovely Steph and/or Natalia read this - they're my competition!) I WILL say that at this time there is a giant chocolate shoe cooling on the bench, a design for a black fondant hat - beside it's wearable inspiration, and a WHOLE lot of red fondant waiting waiting waiting for decorating to begin tomorrow night. There's also a Harry Potter fondant scarf and spectacles waiting, but that's a whole other story!

Here's a sneak sneak peak of the dress - let's just hope it still fits.

Let's also hope that I can cut fondant in straight lines, or that boning is not going to happen at ALL.

More photos to come I promise! As I mentioned before, I do also have a Harry Potter cake on the go for a 7th birthday on Saturday, so that's keeping me busy too! Hopefully on Sunday I'll have time to sit down and sort all these things out - but let's be honest, I'll either be baking again, painting, or in the bath.

Since I'm going to end this here and leave you with a tiny bit of spare time that you might otherwise have spent reading my ramblings, please use said time to visit the Classic Hits website and vote for my shoes!!! Sounds ridiculous, it probably is, but I entered a pair of my favourite heels into this competition to win either a) a trip, or b) a new pair of shoes! Can't go wrong there. They're number 10!!! And you can vote from here. They're called Wicked Witches Revenge (by me) and they're red, and heels - two of my favourite things in life :) Yum.

I'm off to start melting down two entire blocks of dark chocolate (Oh yes, that's how good my Mud Cake is) and will have photos of the final result up soon!

- B xxx


  1. Hi Becs,
    Wow it sounds like your going to busy the next couple of days. Sounds like so much fun. I've tried looking for competitions in my area, but no luck. I wish you all the best!!! Your going to do great! I've been looking at your work and you are so creative.

    P.s. I use either a ruler or this new tool it looks like a roller with plastic blades (I bought at Michaels).

  2. Thanks chick! I am going to be crazy busy - I started making the mud cake for the Burlesque competition and it didn't go exactly to plan... silly cakes changing being temperamental!! but I think it's salvageable (I hope!!)

    And thanks for the tip! unfortunately down our end of the world we don't have as many useful hobby shops like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, but I'll have a look around! I certainly have a ruler somewhere in the house :)

    - B xx